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In this article, you will learn what makes Switzerland such an exciting country for businesses in the Hemp and CBD industry trying to enter the European market. You will also learn about many specific facts about CBD in Switzerland.
CBD: A simple and concrete guide. 7 simple things to fully understand Cannabidiol. What is CBD? How does it work?, benefits, legality, side effects, and more.
The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is possibly the most valuable biological system for maintaining human health and function. The discovery of the ECS is what makes medical cannabis such a big deal. The medical implications of this finding are endless.
Our idea about hemp, cannabinoids, and CBD, has always been a very controverted subject, full of misconceptions and lacking proven knowledge. Learn what Heidi's Garden is doing to help break with this stigma.
Heidi's Garden founders not only think of Heidi’s Garden as a business, but they also consider it a life awakening project. Find out how their paths crossed to create this amazing project with hemp premium extracts.
Heidi’s Garden was born from the reunion of five Swiss friends from different walks of life. Find out what inspired them to create this amazing project with hemp premium extracts.