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The key to bringing hemp premium extracts

Diversity. What brings richness to Heidi’s Garden is the diverse knowledge and experience with hemp naturals within the team. Heidi’s members, Reto, Christian, Dani, Marco, and Peter; are a perfect example of a multidisciplinary group. Their different backgrounds allow them to cover the full spectrum of cannabinoids and hemp extracts, which is required to bring proved-successful CBD and hemp products to the table.

Building Heidi's Garden Team

To start with, Daniel Kreissel is a hands-on entrepreneur. His background in brand management, design, a creative direction in the automotive, fashion & luxury goods sector, drove him to build Heidi’s premium brand. He has been using cannabinoids as a medical supplement for more than twelve years. Around this time, Dani suffered a racing accident that put him into a coma, resulting in seizures and brain injuries. Hemp tinctures helped him heal the wounds after his crash, and against all the odds, he was able to recover 100% after the accident.

“This was 12 years ago, and I have been using hemp tinctures and other hemp products as a supplement ever since. Having experienced the revolutionary medicinal effects myself, I have been following the cannabis market ever since. I was waiting for the day when the legal environment would allow users to benefit from the healing effects of cannabinoids the same way that I did.” - Daniel Kreissel.

A very important aspect of Dani’s life is sports, especially Martial Arts and racing, where he has experienced in first-hand the wellbeing benefits of using CBD and hemp products for fitness.

Given his experience, both on the medical and wellbeing effects of cannabinoids extracts, Dani has always kept an open mind towards these products, which is also the case of Reto Joerimman. Reto has a long-established background as a financial trader not only in Switzerland but also globally. In fact, he experienced Asian market growth first-hand by living in the bustling city of Manila, Philippines. After nine months, he was the head of more than five different departments with over 50 people.

“In my role as treasury manager, I was responsible for the cash management of companies with over 250 Mio. dollar turnover.”- Reto Joerimann. Later, he decided to come back to Switzerland to continue the family business in information management as his father was close to retirement.

“Before that moment, I always considered myself more of a corporate guy than an entrepreneur. However, the challenge fascinated me. I formed a close alliance with a Swiss software development firm in the same field, and we are growing together ever since” - Reto Joerimann.

Business and Nature joining at Heidi's Garden

To complement this range of knowledge, the Swiss family man Peter Lindauer brings to the table a vast experience in the landscaping and hospitality business. He’s been an entrepreneur himself for many years. Working with Heidi’s Garden, Peter affirms feeling fulfilled to experience the authentic potential of hemp-based products.

“Our products are magic! It is wonderful to see how we can help people with Heidi’s Garden. It gives me such nice feelings when people come back to the store and tell me our CBD products have helped them.” - Peter Lindauer.

Peter, soon to be the father of three, is very enthusiastic about the future of the hemp industry, as well as Marco Wyman. As well as Peter, Marco has a remarkable experience in landscaping.  Having grown up in Wädenswil at the Lake of Zürich, and currently living on his farm, Marco has always been very close to nature. Besides, Marco is incredibly passionate about sports, especially snowboarding and surf.

In similarity to Reto, Marco also worked in financials, but in his case only for a period of his life. After six years of experience in this sector, he began to realize his real passion and talents wherein landscaping. Very soon after that, he’s started his own landscaping company. Today, his business has evolved into a permaculture and social project on his farm.

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