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The story of A New Era of Hemp

Nature brought them together. Heidi’s Garden was born a year ago from the reunion of five Swiss friends: Reto, Marco, Peter, Daniel, and Christian. These friends not just think of Heidi’s Garden as a business, they consider it a life awakening project. Find out how their paths crossed to create this amazing project with hemp premium extracts.

What brought Heidi's Garden team together?

The paths of these five guys crossed in different phases of their lives, but always met a common ground: nature. In fact, for Reto Joeriman, the story of how he got to know Heidi’s Garden’s team also tells the story of his life. Reto says been fascinated by the outdoors since the earliest stages of his life. No surprise it was very early in their lives that Peter Lindauer’s and Reto Joerimann’s paths crossed at the Swiss Scouts Association. Together, they organised numerous outdoor camps and even led their troops. Today, Peter also says he’s fully inspired by being able to help others naturally with Heidi’s Garden.  

Similarly, the paths of Christian Jager and Reto joined as early as middle school. These two guys shared the bench in class, and since then, they have built a close and long-lasting friendship.  As Reto, Chris also shares a deep-rooted love for nature and outdoor adventure.

After school followed the business career, and it was at that point that Daniel Kreissel and Reto meet while studying at the European Business School in London. Dani and Reto’s immediate connection was due to their unmistakable love for natural products, and also, delicious Japanese food. Not only they built unforgettable memories while living together in Paris, but they continuously inspire each other ever since.  

Finally, back in Switzerland, Reto and Chris decide to take off to Portugal for an epic surf trip, and this is where they found Marco Wyman. As a common ground, Marco’s love for nature instantly seals their friendship bonds.  

When did Heidi's Garden project begin?

One night in Zurich about a year ago, all these friends met at Peter’s house and discussed the possibility of embarking on a journey of natural medicine for wellbeing. Their vision was to create the first premium brand in the hemp space that redefined the general perception of hemp & cannabis. They aimed to achieve this by offering simply the best and most innovative products on the market. They began to embrace nature as their guide on everything they do. And that is how they were ready to embark on Heidi's Garden's mission.  

Learn more about the diverse knowledge of the team here.

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