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Vision for the future of the cannabinoid

A New Era of Hemp. Our idea about hemp, cannabinoids, and CBD, has always been a very controverted subject, full of misconceptions and lacking proven knowledge. The high stigma around this matter has avoided us from even bringing the issue up to our conversations. This long-lasting stigma is exactly what Heidi’s Garden is aiming to break with an offer of hemp-based proven quality products, and also, easily available information. 

To start with, Heidi’s Garden’s vision is to create the first premium lifestyle brand in the hemp space that redefines the general perception of hemp & cannabis by providing customers with simply the best and most innovative products on the market.

A vision to create A New Era Of Hemp

It was about 18 months ago that Reto and Dani, two of the founders of Heidi's Garden, discussed the innovative new laws in Switzerland towards high-CBD and low-THC cannabinoids. Then about a year ago, the Swiss-based team met and decided to focus on the CBD premium retail market. This strategy was key to help redefine the current hemp space.

“Our vision was to create the most innovative premium hemp & cannabinoid retail brand out there. We wanted to disrupt the industry and break through the "stoner stigma" that society associated with Cannabis. We wanted to educate users about the real benefits of cannabinoids that have been hidden from the public by lawmakers and lobbyists for the past century.” - Dani Kreissel.

From this moment, Reto and Dani spent a year hunting down the best hemp artisans and cannabis innovators in the world. As Dani’s base is in Los Angeles, CA, he gets close access to the medical marijuana industry there. “I have tested probably more than 100 different cannabinoid brands for my health and well-being,” says Dani. This long-standing experience allows the team to curate the finest products on the hemp market.

As Heidi’s continues to grow, the group is fulfilled with the ability to serve others to improve their health and wellbeing.

“As we hear our customers’ success stories, I’m totally convinced that we are on the right track with Heidi’s premium naturals. We are helping people live better lives, and that’s very fulfilling for us.” - Marco Wyman

Similarly, Peter Lindauer is excited about bringing hemp products to all people. “We want people to experience hemp products by themselves and make the general public increasingly forget the negative stigma around it.”- says Peter.  

Also, Dani is courageous enough to aim to disrupt, innovate and redefine the hemp space. “We will educate and give access to those who can benefit from CBD and Hemp, whether for serious medical conditions or daily health and wellbeing. We are the new era of hemp.” - Daniel Kreissel.

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  • Fantastic CBD brought to you Heidi's Garden!!!

    Fantastic CBD brought to you Heidi's Garden!!!